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Long-Term Disability Benefits

Are you looking for an experienced disability lawyer in Connecticut?  Have you been denied long-term disability benefits even though your doctor says you are disabled and does not think you can work? You may have been wrongfully denied benefits under the terms of your long-term disability policy. Under most circumstances, the long-term disability plan administrator can be held liable for the money you should have received plus your lawyer’s fees, interest, and costs. We have successfully represented clients across the nation in claims against some of the largest and well-known companies such as CIGNA, Unum, The Hartford, MetLife, and Aetna.

As a wrongful benefit denial lawyer in Connecticut, let us look at your long-term disability claim denial letter and see if there are any inconsistencies or errors made on their part that would allow you a fighting chance of getting your benefits reinstated. Life is already difficult enough when you are disabled, and the added stress of receiving a letter stating you have been denied disability benefits can put some people into a state of despair. Below are some cases where we have successfully defended our clients against wrongful terminations.

Representative Cases

We file administrative claims and lawsuits against long-term disability insurance companies for our clients.  We have successfully resolved a number of long-term disability administrative claims before litigation.  Administrative claims, however, are not public record and we cannot disclose them here.   The following is a list of our recent court victories against long-term disability plan administrators:

  • A senior bank executive with NewAlliance Bank won a five-year legal battle for the long-term disability benefits Unum denied her after a violent motor vehicle accident left her with a broken back and unable to return to work.
  • A 48-year old compliance analyst for Mass Mutual diagnosed with fibromyalgia and secondary conditions sued Liberty for terminating disability benefits after paying benefits for eleven years claiming she could return to work. The parties settled out of court.
  • A 20-year Perkin Elmer employee found totally disabled by his combination of serious physical conditions was awarded long-term disability benefits under the plan terms against Hartford Life.
  • A pediatric nurse seriously injured in a car accident and disabled according to the Social Security Administration was awarded long-term disability benefits against Unum because the record showed its decision to terminate her benefits was influenced by a conflict of interest.
  • A 35-year Pfizer analytical pharmaceutical report writer suffering from a life-long degenerative vision problem affecting his work performance awarded long-term disability benefits against CIGNA.
  • A former Pratt & Whitney engineer whose reoccurring chronic headaches caused him unceasing, disabling pain sued CIGNA for denying him long-term disability benefits.  The parties settled out of court.

Generally, lawsuits take from two to five years to complete. While usually a settlement can be reached, sometimes trials are required. While we cannot assure positive results, we have a proven track record of success. Further, our lawyers and staff will be with you at every step to help you through the process, answer questions and address concerns.

If you need to file a long-term disability benefit appeal and need a lawyer to assist you with a well-established track record in fighting them, please look at our contact information page.

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