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Lost Wages After An Auto Accident

The pain you feel after a car accident may not only be physical but also financial. After most people get into an accident they generally do not think about work and whether they will be able to go. Working is how most individuals earn their living, and if they don’t go then a financial crisis may develop.

People who are injured in a car accident can recover lost wages. How much lost pay they will be able to recover depends on a number of factors such as the the type of employment, state law, and whether they file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. Regardless, there must be a connection between the accident injury and the time you were unable to work. This must also be supported by your medical records and doctors.Read More

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There are a lot of drivers on the road that do not know what they are doing. Many times accidents happen because someone is not paying attention to the details.
If you have been in an accident because someone was negligent, then please contact an experienced Hartford personal injury lawyer at Walsh Woodard. Call us at 860-785-2011 or contact-us online.

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